Quaderni di Noctua, Vol 5 (2019)

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L’immagine della medicina nelle lezioni inaugurali padovane: a margine del progetto DArIL

Iolanda Ventura, Marco Forlivesi


Starting from texts and data collected during the installation of the online database DArIL (Digital Archive of Inaugural Lectures at Renaissance and Early Modern Universities), the paper presents some results of this work. It is divided in two sections: in the first one, Marco Forlivesi describes DArIL, its structure, content, aims, and potential. In the second part, Iolanda Ventura attempts to distinguish the various types of lectiones inaugurales by focusing on specific texts dealing with medicine produced at the Universities of Padua, Jena, and Helmstedt during the Eighteenth Century.


Keywords: History of the university; DArIL; inaugural lectures (lectiones inaugurales); Padua; Jena; Helmstedt; History of medicine.


English titleThe image of medicine in the Paduan inaugural lectures: on the of the DArIL project


DOI: 10.14640/QuadernidiNoctua5-22

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