Quaderni di Noctua, Vol 5 (2019)

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A proposito dell’attribuzione a Eckhart delle Collationes tramandate dal codice Cusano 21

Loris Sturlese


This paper examines the attribution to Eckhart of the unpublished collationes contained in the MS Bernkastel-Kues, Bibliothek des St. Nikolaus-Hospitals 21. Eckhart’s authorship was excluded by Koch, but is plausible from the point of view of the history of the manuscript tradition. The paper announces the discovery of a series of similar collationes in a Lüneburg manuscript of Franciscan origin and highlights, through the edition of the texts relating to Advent, some parallels between both works, probably depending on the use of a common source. 


Keywords: Eckhart; MS Cusanus 21; collationes.


English title: Regarding the attribution to Eckhart of the Collationes transmitted by the codex Cusano 21


DOI: 10.14640/QuadernidiNoctua5-6

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