Quaderni di Noctua, Vol 5 (2019)

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«Magister Thomas Anglicus Minor». Tommaso di York fonte dell’Expositio di Bertoldo di Moosburg

Fiorella Retucci


Berthold of Moosburg had the whole Sapientiale by Thomas of York constantly at hand when writing his commentary on Proclus. Even thought Berthold never refers by name to the English Franciscan except in his tabula auctoritatum, where Thomas is registered as «Magister Thomas Anglicus minor», he quotes extensively and verbatim from the Sapientiale throughout his Expositio of Proclus; astoundingly, Berthold quotes more from Thomas than he does from his Dominican predecessors in the Teutonic Province, Albert the Great, Ulrich of Strassburg and Dietrich of Freiberg. The following articles describes the presence of Thomas of York in Berthold of Moosburg’s Expositio super Elementationem theologicam. An appendix provides a systematic investigation of the relationship between the texts of the two authors.


Keywords: Berthold of Moosburg; Expositio super Elementationem theologicam; Thomas of York; Sapientiale.


English title«Magister Thomas Anglicus Minor». Thomas of York as a source of the Expositio by Berthold of Moosburg


DOI: 10.14640/QuadernidiNoctua5-1

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